The World Beyond

Welcome To Ananda's World

2024 finds me 17 years into my Sensual Artistry and Healing Practice

Here you will find my current expression of my passion and avocation 

Come on in and share the current chapter of this journey with me.

Live in Joy 
Share in Bliss 
Transcend the Mediocre 
Realize Ecstasy 




















Since 2007

A Mature Companion for Mature Encounters

Over 17 years, my practice has expanded and contracted, evolved, and blossomed and is now re-blooming again.

Sometimes, I have had very complex lists of offerings, sometimes, as now, a very simple short list of ways you can enjoy time with me.

What is true now, as always, is that I am here by choice, wholeheartedly passionate about my sensually created world away from the everyday, mundane world " out there".

My style is not for everyone and I encourage you to look inside and ponder what is most desired by you! 

In the world of sensualist and seeker there is someone for everyone and the trick is finding the right match.



More about my world...

I am at a stage in my career where I treat people well, and I insist on the same courteous good will. 

During the pandemic, I had much time to reflect on my practice and what I missed and did not miss.

I found (see my original blog site for more) that I truly missed my clients and my studio time. 

I found that I did NOT miss drama and hassle related to people who must rush, stress and stealth their time. 

The Real Ananda

When I say authentic I mean exactly that... I don't create fantasy, I show up  as a real person who has preferences, will express them and will learn yours as well. 

I show up fully attentive, mentally available, physically rested and ready to experience giving and connection.

 If you are open to learning me we will have an amazing time.

In my world, it's only a good time if both people are having a great time. 

Are We the Right Fit?

If you want a 20 year old, who acts a script from a video fantasy, I am very much not that person. There is ZERO wrong with wanting that. There are many people who can do that so much better than me. I am not good at it and I don't enjoy it at all and thus don't offer that type of interaction.

If you are seeking to embrace the reality of a women, flesh and blood who will resonate and share deeply with genuine enthusiasm you have found the right person.

I am here, in this work as long as I am meeting people I enjoy and who enjoy my offerings. 

EZ Flow of Communication

My style is not well suited for folks who have a need to heavily compartmentalize their time and communications in a way that interferes with direct exchange of safety and communication information. 

To maintain my stress free and wonderfully comfortable open environment when you reach me, I need stress free and clear info: name, text phone and email.  

If you schedule as normally with me as in any other venue of your life, we will be able to connect.

Don't tell, Don't push... 

It is not my place to query your personal relationship structures. I need only that they not dictate how you relate to my communication practices. In simple terms, this means:

Please, don't ask me to change my schedule to accommodate your partners' schedule so they are unaware of our time. At that point, your relationship is impinging on my personal values. 

We all have things that impact our availability. All I need from my side, is to know your "yes" times and your "can't" times.

It's like smoking, I am asthmatic: you don't need to quit smoking, just don't blow smoke at me, or expect me to use my inhaler so you can vape beside me. It becomes my issue as soon as you require me to adapt. Please don't.

Respect My Availability 

Finding your ideal "you time" is in your domain. Me setting my availability to be truly present is mine, and when they overlap it's delicious.  If they do not intersect well, there are many many wonderful providers who are able to navigate that labyrinth with and for you. 

I have another full time passion with my Woofer-Dogs rescue pack and that keeps my mornings and later evenings busy in the happy fulfilled way.

I am also a current returning student at TESC working on adding a BS to my BA so my studio schedule will shift quarterly.

If mid day afternoon and early evenings or a happy mid day Saturday are great times for you to relax, we are going to line up well!


Yes, I really need your contact info.

Email is best for getting set up especially our first meeting.  I will send a confirmation email that makes the finding me easy and safe. 

I will need a text #. 

If you can't provide a textable # for the day of our session pre-session, we won't be able to schedule. The # is needed the night before, or at the time of real time scheduling/same day scheduling so I will have it when I commute) This needs to be textable #, it is not for voice.

My studio is located in a discreet but populated residential area and I will need to know when you arrive, make sure the landing is all clear for smooth approach without drawing undue notice and text you the come on up!

I have been Ananda since 2007 and I do not disclose client's personal information any more than I did when I was a licensed massage therapist.

I am no more likely to call you at home over dinner than your barista, chiropractor or mechanic.

I respond communication in like form, text for text (during studio hours) email for email.

Okay, Why I.D.

I perform a background check for my physical & legal safety.

How do you (new guest) Kn0w that I (Ananda) am Safe? 

I have been Ananda-ing since 2007. I am well reviewed. My website is web searchable and I will match the pictures on my advertising and web presence in person when we meet.

Ananda Healer is my practice name and is well established for 17 years. 

The last quirks: 

Pleasure and Orgasm are not synonyms. Both are yummy and the words mean different things to different people. Let me help you translate and untangle them.

I am 100% a SAFETY protection practicing person. 

I am quirky not kinky.  No power play. 


Keep it Simple Sessi Sessions

TLC Table Time

60 min $200

90 min $260


Time and Essence 

60 min $350

75 min $425

90 min $500

120 min $700

My IST: Interactive Sensual Touch Session is BACK! 

Touchy Feely goodness goes both ways!

Handsy toucheys (no juicy mouth kisses yet) 

60/90 minutes $220/250

*** If you are responding to an advert: please note the session/special in your scheduling email so that I can honor that donation.

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